Monday, August 26, 2013

We're off to See the Wizard Pt. 2

Love that my teammate lets me get all "Glittered Up!
Between the craziness of having the beginning of the chaos start my teammate "Kingsley" and I have our hallway display 88.72% done (I just wanted to be fancy and throw in some numbers there). Really, we are just about done and I AM LOVING IT! YAY!
Part 1 of 3 parts of the hallway

Okay seriously...I am stoked how my cyclone came 4 year old will not be too excited when he sees I borrowed some of his toys

Dorothy sees the cyclone coming for her and Toto

We landed in Munchkin Land and so did Glenda the Good Witch (aka Me!)

Oh I Love my door fits me!
Kingsley's sign looks great and sparkly...she uses a little less "Gaudiness" in her daily life ;)

There is my FAB teammate Kingsley being the Wicked Witch. (hee hee)


Emerald City!
Our Kiddos made these! 48 of these can really fill a hallway!

Oh my the Wizard is ready to take off...there's No Place Like Home!

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