Monday, August 12, 2013

Ode to Tang

Ode to Tang

No, No Not that Tang


I know you all know who Mr. Greg Tang is, think for a second, think...think. Oh that Math guy that we all have his books in our classrooms.
Yes, that Greg Tang (or as my 1 yr. old says "Dang Tang"). Today I had the pleasure of attending one of his workshops. Holy cow did I learn and learn and learn! Let me tell you if you don't already know, I HATE MATH, I STINK AT IT & IF YOU ASK ME TO DO A MATH PROBLEM I SHUT DOWN.
See I was a product of touch math, you know the little dots on the numbers. I never seem to get over counting those precious little dots. Greg calls me a "counter". I have gotten better in my "old" age but I am by far NOT a math brain. So as a teacher and a lifelong learner I immerse myself into anything math so I can better myself for my students and my very own bambinos.While sitting through the workshop today I could see the light and it wasn't just from the Smartboard. Tens, Hundreds, Regrouping, Multiplication and "break a parts".  I am now a new WOMAN; ok well not a new woman but I am a tad bit better and I have a good feeling as I continue to teach these concepts I will get better while creating deeper thinkers. (clapping hands) I am really excited and I highly recommend checking out his websites which has his books animated and Games Galore.

Things to know about a Tang Workshop

1.  He is hysterical

2. He is tricky but gets you thinking

3. He will teach you something new! Guarantee it!

Did I mention I got to eat lunch with Greg? I am big time now!!!

This is what this picture really looked like if you could see what we are thinking! Yes, I do heart anyone who can teach me math!

Happy Thinking,
Mrs. Wirth  :)