Thursday, August 22, 2013

"There's NO Place Like My Bed"

I can not believe how unbelievably tired I am after the first day of schools. T-I-R-E-D. I know I am always this exhausted until October but how I do forget about this beginning of the year exhaustion. 
Today went pretty smoothly my class is a bit chatty and needs some grooming but I think they will be GREAT in a few weeks. 
A few things I LOVE about the first day of school is: 

(1) my ruby red slippers paid for with my TPT money
(2) My absolutely, positively adorable tin-man my daddy made me. (I am in LOVE with this little guy)
(3) The adorable hallway my teammate and I made (pictures to come soon) 
(4) My BRAND SPANKING new cordless glue gun from my mommy (cordless extension cords!!!)
(5) Last and the family who has helped me get ready for year. Even my 4 yr. old son got in on the action! 

I am one Blessed Gal!

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