Sunday, September 15, 2013

The start of the year has been a hectic one twenty six "babies" are finally getting situated and learning how much their teacher likes loves is obsessed with organization and having a procedure for EVERYTHING! I mean it folks there is ORDER to be had when you have twenty six! Aaaah! Well I have gotten around to taking more pictures of my classroom so excuse the excess of pictures but I need to get them TOTALLY organized on the blog! 

~Mrs. Wirth :) 

I had to show this off first because it has only been 15 days and this is what my wall looks like from student art that they have given me. These kiddos are the SWEETEST!!!

This is a system I have been using for a few years.I started with a Pirate Theme but changed it to Oz for this year's theme. Really this is the only way I can remember who I sent to the bathroom or with a another teacher. I might have short term memory loss!? ;) BTW I did straighten these little guys out after seeing this picture!

I love the signs I have above from my TPT store. The kiddos love them too! I do NOT like that ICKY cord that runs across my ceiling and down to my Smarboard...I hear my district will be all wireless by 2014!
My verb vine has been my favorite decoration for years. I just change the leaves each year with the incoming students and it stays up all year as a reminder.

My graveyard! So after seeing our first glue stick that "died" after the THIRD...yes 3rd day of school, I decided I needed a graveyard for a visual reminder. I have never seen such sad faces the next day. The kiddos really showed remorse and have talked about it ever since this went up. 18 days later, NOT a glue stick or MARKER has died since. I plan to add to the "grave" each time their is an incident but I am not really sure there will be another mishap or at least with this group of kids.
Aha...the Queen! My saying is "Clean like the Queen of England is coming to visit" She is usually on a popsicle stick and goes around checking centers/stations. Her happy or mad face pops up depending on what condition the center was left in. I NEVER say a word. The kids watch for the Queen's expression and take care of business.

Oz...Where are we Sign I made for Kingsley and myself
My cluttered little area of fun stuff. Behavior clips from my TPT store, the NOISE management system my "teammy" got for me, little signs for management, fun rainbow lamp & chair I inherited.
Ok so I love my Exit Ticket System. Mustaches and Oz!!! What could be better? I plan to have it in my TPT store soon!

Here it is in use. I love how honest the kids are and how they show they need more learning time/opportunities to feel better about what was taught. (Aka-the post-it's in blue)

I use this to show what round we are on for Center/Stations it comes in really handy for those kiddos who were out of the room (with other teachers/bathroom etc) and come back in, in the middle of small group/stations. They come in, find where to go and my small group is not interrupted!
Math Stations and the Math Stations Maps on where to go each round

Our reading centers maps, this tells each group where to go for each round
Center Groups and Rotation Maps

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