Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rotten Apple....There is always one (or maybe some!)

Starting a new job is hard. Right? Last week I really did take the step out of the classroom and into an Instructional Coach position. Why? I love working with teachers and with my craziness that bursts out I thought maybe just maybe I could add a sparkle into someones day.... May I add  I have some REALLY amazing new co-workers who are full of sparkle and talent as well. WOW!

This week I started out week 2 of the new job doing my #1 passion, teaching PD. I know you're saying YUCK right now but hey let's make those darn PD's 1. "Wirth" your time 2. Fun! My PD was OPTIONAL and on a curriculum that is getting a lot of push back from many seasonal teachers who don't want to learn it and many new teachers are scared to DEATH of it. Really it's not so bad once you break it down, take a deep breath and yes maybe have a few tantrums BUT the data... My data the past 3 years have been top notch and really something to make you go Hmmmmmm and I will say it "My kids KICKED BOOTY!!!" 

I had many compliments, excitement and teachers saying they are going to stick their toes in the water this year. YAY!!! Smiling face, high-five, cheers, etc. Then it happens dun, dun, dun...the stink eye, phone texting, duck lips "I'm not going to change my way" but I came to your PD to gripe and harass you, participant. I am just shocked how some grown-ups act in a ------------->PROFESSIONAL <------- Development class. Even if it was a couple sour teachers out of a couple hundred great ones IT STILL STINKS. I couldn't sleep because  I can't stop thinking 1. Why did you even come to my PD class? 2. Why are you NOT discussing what is best for your students NOT what is best for yourself 3. What happened to your spark? 4. I don't make the rules why are you hating on me?

Then I remember maybe just maybe that teacher may have heard one, just one thing they may try...just one small thing can start the ball rolling. I also think about all the teachers that WILL try something new or continue the awesome work they are doing and build on it, it makes me smile. I might not ever make it to Debbie Diller status but I am sure going to do my best to try! So putting all the rotten apples behind me even though I rarely forget a face....remember this the standard you are setting for your students. Remember how you treated your presenter, how would you expect your student(s) to treat you when you are teaching the lesson. So to all teachers who smiled and were positive even with something that may be a struggle at first THANK YOU! To all my "apples" I will be okay and so will you so let's all get on our happy pants and look forward to making this the best year yet for our students.

Here are a couple of my favorite Sparkly Tweets! :) 


Absolutely we are going to sing and sparkles for EVERYONE!!! 

See even this 9 month preggo can still get up there and groove...don't ask me how I felt afterward!

Carolyn, you definitely made me smile yesterday with all of your support!!!

Whoo! Hooo!

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