Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! 

Today our summer is "offically" over although in Oklahoma, summer is truly over in the beginning of August for educators and mid-August for the kiddos but we will play along with the rest of the nation. So how did we end our summer? We welcomed our new baby "R3" she is truly fantastical. We adopted out all our kittens to some wonderful families, playdates with little friends and grown friends and then everyone started back to school...except for me and R3! I love teaching and being an educator but right now being a mommy is fabulous!

So knowing that I love being a mommy first I can't sit around or is it I can't say "No". Either way I have been working on some new items. One item was something that went unfinished for a couple of years....PLACE VALUE. It was usable but it wasn't "sparkly". A fellow teacher in the district emailed me for it and of course I had to make it better before giving it out to use. In HONOR of LABOR DAY THIS LITTLE BABY is on SALE 20% off! Head over to my TPT store and pick it up! (note: no actual babies are for sale! LOL!)

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