Sunday, July 19, 2015

3 Rounds for Centers!

About a week ago I was talking to two fellow teachers in our district about centers. We all 3 agreed they are the best and we all had similar ways to set them up with student's names and pictures in a pocket chart. The way we thought about management was interesting because we all had different ways of going about it; which all are correct in our ways of doing them. I don't believe any of us had done just 3 rotations (we have done 4 or more) but quickly begin brainstorming. I am never satisfied with an answer I give until I can think it through thoroughly and offer the best advice. I have blogged with other teachers, asked questions and researched. Hope you find this helpful! Remember the focus for this post was just for 3 ROTATIONS...

The BIGGEST influence I use in my classroom is Debbie Diller (did I mention I got to hang out with her one summer!?) 
*NO MORE than 2 students per center or you get a mess
* You can have 2 of the same center so you can have 4 kids (or more) doing the same center at the same time BUT not sitting together
*If you use a pocket chart START with students names or pictures on the left side. This is the first thing students see and we read left to right.

So here are the basics of what I found out from teacher friends across the U.S. who do 3 Center rounds.

So during the center round is where you can place your "Balanced Literacy" items which would be specific to your grade level. 

Here are some charts to glance at for ideas....the only advice is remember to "put PICTURES or NAMES FIRST"....Debbie Diller

 This one is Debbie Diller inspired
NOTICE pictures come first and then the activities. 

Very similar (just switch the pictures with the activities)
Oh Oh Oh! I can't tell you how much I love this idea. Put it on your Smartboard and make a quick swap when you need to. No pictures to swap down each day (because you can do that in advanced on the next page). Add your timer on the side so students can see the countdown. 

 Another way to rotate with clothesline pins and station cards.
Same concept as the pocket chart but on poster board. I bet those centers have Velcro backs so they can be changed each day. I this laminated so the names of students can be switched easily? Hmmmmm!?

 Circular charts....those middle circles could be easily twisted each morning or center round so the students in that particular color could see where they are going. Adapting to your own classroom theme could also be pretty easy.

I'm not sure I would put Math and Literacy stations on the same board/ grouping of students though. My Math/Literacy groups are usually completely different.
 This is another circular rotation chart inspired by Patricia PaVelka. She has several different circular designs according to how many centers you have in your classroom. Again the easy of switching names makes my heart happy. ;)

My Blogger Friend Teaching in Progress has made the wheel already for you for FREE. Click on the link below to grab yours.

I highly recommend these books....if you are part of my district you can check them out at Wilson in the professional library for FREE!!! Just go to where the new Creation Station is located which is also where the PD library is located.

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