Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Here...It's Black Friday

As the Black Friday is here, I am comfy in my jammies sitting with the 3 loves of my life. I have NEVER been shopping on this day and I don't think I want to start. Crowds, pushing and shoving. Eeeek! So to feel productive I have been working and revamping my Christmas Around the World Powerpoints. I can not wait to go back and begin this 3 week lesson. I am trying to decided if I should do a grand I feel a little Grinchy or a little Who-ville like!? My heart might be swelling a few times bigger today after I get these finished and put our decorations up. 

Here are a few slide previews

Traditions from China

"Santa" in Germany

Traditions in Italy

What originated from England that we use in the US

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