Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Break

Well Fall Break is here and I have been working my teacher backside off (too bad that doesn't count in calories). I have been running my kids all over the place, making appointments, parent conferences for R1 & R2, new clothes shopping (not for me for them!), laundry, organizing, laundry, projects, and did I mention laundry? We had R1 observed by a psychometrist at his school found out at his conference he has Sensory Processing Disorder in the categories of vision, auditory, touch and environment. This also leads to major anxiety. This was not shocking since I have a few of these issues myself ,but oh man, the mother in me wants to cry for him. :( So I really have been researching on ways to help relieve some of the sensory overload for him. He will begin seeing and OT soon to also help him learn coping mechanisms. So now as I swallow my pride and still think he the MOST FANTASTIC little boy I know we move on and pray. 

During this fall break I also have been working on a new "Telling Time on a Number Line" packet. I will be giving away 3 packets. I will announce the winner Monday! 

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Entry way project for R1 and R2

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