Saturday, October 18, 2014

First Days of School

Someone said "Wait! at least 6 weeks before starting centers/stations". I say "Nah!" My partner teacher and I start right away with centers NOT small groups. For the first few weeks we start with items that we know the students can be successful with and items that are review from 2nd grade (we teach 3rd). We walk around monitoring behaviors (we cover EVERYTHING, even a sneeze!) teaching how to transition when the bell goes off, what it clean looks like etc. This really helps to start right away so when we are ready to start small group we don't have questions, uncertainties, and most of all interruptions. So here are a few shots of what we did the first 2 weeks. 

Using Pattern Blocks to answer: How do we use our materials?

Using 3-D exploration to answer the question "What is my objective?"

Using Geo-boards and Rubber-bands for Self Control (rubber-bands definitely for self control)

Magnets to review what the students know from 2nd grade

Stamps are used to practice clean-up procedures

One of the first games we teach in 3rd grade is Race to 1,000

One of the first lessons in 3rd grade is making multiplication arrays


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