Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SUMMERTIME and the Livin's Easy!

My dad politely says to me in conversation "Ummm yeah that blog of yours needs to be updated" dad this is dedicated to YOU!

This summer has been more than crazy. My teaching partner (Kingsley) and I taught PD workshops all summer long to brand new, shiny still in the box teachers (oh these kind are the best!) as well as veteran teachers who really had such nice things to say and made my summer of working well worth it. My favorite evaluation of the summer is below. 

Whoo Hoo! I have a certain calling to 3rd grade teachers. Last year in Oklahoma we all went through lots of tears, blood and sweat. Our reading laws for 3rd graders kept changing and the paper work (which I despise) kept piling up. Somehow many of us connected throughout the district and I believe it makes a great bond of fabulous teachers. 

Another summer highlight I wanted to share is the meeting of the all time DEBBIE DILLER! If you have never heard of her you must live on Mars. Really! She is as fantastical in person as she is in her books. She said to my teacher partner and I "I hear you are the station gurus in this district." HOLY MOTHER OF SHARPENED PENCILS!!! One of my teaching idols giving Kingsley and I a compliment. I can't even tell you how my insides were doing cartwheels over and over. It was like the first time I saw New Kids on the Block when I was ten...yep school girl mode! 
Debbie Diller with my favorite teacher peeps. I was standing beside her and she told me how we had to pose to be silly!  

I did find a week to relax, really I did. We went on a family vacation to Destin Florida. I am in love, I am thinking of ways I could convince my hubby to move us down there. R & R agree that we need to move down to the beach too. Us Okies don't see sand or water so it is paradise when we do.
My Loves
Making memories with cousins

I told you I was able to relax!

Para-sailing with my good friend and teaching buddy

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