Sunday, June 21, 2015

6 Down and More to Go!

Aaaaah! I finally hit the start of my very short summer break on Friday. I was blessed with the opportunity to teach 6 PD's (all in one week) with a couple of my good teacher friends. Boy, was that exhausting especially now that I can compare myself to a big whale. I am okay with myself! ;) I met so many great teachers and lots and lots of great networking opportunities. I was asked after teaching my last workshop if I could put on a PD for a couple local schools in my hometown. Did I mention I am exhausted and as big as a whale? How could I say no? I love meeting new teachers and spreading the LOVE of something new and useful! (at least I hope it is) So I will be spending the week preparing and getting ready to teach another PD. You bet I am excited!!
I put a few things from the workshop on TPT...head on over and check it out!

Today I also get the opportunity to celebrate 2 great dads in my life. My own dad and my husband. A girl couldn't get luckier in this department. We will be adding the 3rd Wirth in August (hence the Big as a Whale). So my hubby will definitely get to practice his daddy skills! 
My Dad....he's pretty super awesome

My hubby...FABULOUS dad our Little Wirths

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