Wednesday, April 10, 2013

State Testing-Day 1

The Downside to Testing:

I survived Day 1 of State Testing with a class of nervous, panicked, freaked out 3rd Graders. Sadly, for me in the middle of testing I got a migraine, not the kind where your head just hurts but the kind where you can't see out of both eyes, your stomach is churning and you know at any minute you are going to vomit (just try not to get any on a test). Anyone have that type?...Well today that was me folks. To top it off it was 80 degrees (felt more like 400 degrees!) in my classroom and we were dying.Ugh! 
On the bright side (wink)-Just 3 more days to go.

 The Upside to Testing

Be sure to check out the pics below

1. My Pre-K and K friends; they spoil my kiddos and make the cutest encouragement notes as well as make sure we have our MUST HAVE testing mints.
2. Our adorable music teacher she is always so festive and supports our homeroom classes.
3. A Freebie Testing Sign for you (click here)
How SUPER cute are these from my Pre-K Buddies?

My K-Buddy knows how important "testing mints" are to our brains!
How cute is our music teacher with her "I'll Be Your #2" shirt?
FREEBIE FOR YOU! Click on the Picture :)

 Happy Testing!
~Mrs. Wirth 

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