Sunday, April 14, 2013

So I had a Bad Day...

Day 2 of testing was so stinking bad that I couldn't bring myself to blog about it until today. So here is just my first 30 mins of being at school all rolled into one! I will spare you the rest of the day of grumpy parents, accidents, loss of plan time etc. (Hand on head with a dramatic sigh)

1. Tried McDonalds Vanilla Latte for the first time-Thumbs Down (p.s. I am not a coffee snob)
I usually love McDonalds but this...NO WAY!

2.Student Teacher (co-worker's) brought me Starbucks instead-Thumbs Up
Carmel Latte w/skim milk...YES!

 3. Spilled the entire cup and contents all over my classroom carpeted floor, shoes and pants. Totally Thumbs Down :(

4. Did NOT spill any on our State Testing. Whew! Thumbs Up

5. Made another FREEBIE Testing Sign for my friends on TPT and Cyberspace. (click here) Thumbs Up

Happy Testing Friends,
Mrs. Wirth

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