Thursday, July 11, 2013

Michelson Exxon Mobil Academy

Professional Development, love it or hate it we all have to do it. So here is my story of this little academy. Our district sends out an email to go to New Orleans for a Math and Science inquiry based learning opportunity to all 3-5 grade teachers. Oh and let me mention the email said "All Expenses Paid"...I mean all! I think well why 1 yr old and 4 yr old have me worn out, parents, testing, pacing calendars & common core have me stressed...sure I am in! Oh and did I mention "All Expenses Paid" I email back (with a couple of coworkers) I am interested and in a couple of weeks I was truly in.

 I started this Wednesday with low expectations "this is not going to give a 10 1/2 yr teaching veteran and workshop instructor anything new I haven't tried on my own or discovered on Pinterest. PEOPLE you won't hear me say this often...I WAS wrong!! This is day 2 of the academy and I am learning and extending my own practices, having my own "aha moments", I am seeing through other learners eyes, making new friends and connections across the country. I am really having a blast and it isn't just because I had a couple too many "specialty drinks" on Bourbon Street. Oops!  One other thing I need to mention I have always HATED Math and Science as a learner. I am a lover of Reading and Writing. BUT I am always searching to find exciting ways for my own learners to become engaged and responsible for their own learnings so they will want to continue to be a lifelong learners. BINGO I found it! I highly recommend this academy and I am probably the hardest person to please when it comes to P. D. Mickelson Exxon Mobil Academy you are "Totally Wirth It and have exceeded my expectations!" THANK YOU!
I also want to extend a shout out to my Tulsa girls-great traveling!, the Green Group-we rock!, Sherri Davis and Faculty- You have thought of Everything I am truly amazed. WOW!! 

Mrs. Wirth :)
P.S. I wonder...

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