Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break!!!

It's here folks....SPRING BREAK IS OFFICIALLY HERE! WHOO HOO!!!! Today was an awesome day. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and everyone dressed in green; 100% class participation. 
We invited our K-Buddies up to catch Leprachauns with us. They were so creative and worked so well together. 40+ kids in one room and you could almost hear a pin drop. They brainstormed, compromised and then dove right in. Take a look at some of the awesome work they produced (and grab yours right here for FREE!!!) ....oh and I added some pics of our GREEN DAY! Happy Luck of the Irish To You!
FREEBIE From my TPT store

3rd Grade Work with Labels (they know my love for labeling!)

K-Buddies' Work

Writing about our Captures

Here are a few fun pics from our St. Pat's Day celebration. I am the one with the Green Wig and mustache. The other fabulous ladies are my interpreters for my Deaf Ed. students who main stream. THEY ARE FABULOUS and do so well with all of my crazy fast talking I put out there for them!


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