Friday, February 22, 2013

In Love...

I love a lot of things: my husband, my 2 kiddos, glitter, teaching, cereal, Big Bang Theory, and so many other things (do you really want me to list them all...nah!) Figurative language tops my list of units I love to teach. Something about comparing two unlike things to each just gets me right there (tapping heart). I am finishing up my packet to put on TPT but for now I thought I would post my unfinished pictures of my Feb./Fig. Language bulletin board. Unfortunately I didn't get any shots of the idioms. Boo :( Keep a look out for my Figurative Language+Poetry unit on TPT. It will be up by the end of this weekend!
Our Figurative Language Board

These will go into our class Alliteration book when they come down off the board

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We made comic strips full of onomatopoeias...the 3rd graders had a blast with these!
I was told by "J" that his was a true event
We made flip books, one side has a comparison using "like" and one side has a comparison using "as"
 This one says "Mrs. Wirth is as cute as Mustaches"...compliment?
 I printed a big "IS" and let the kiddos decorate it and cut it out. They added to their metaphor paper. 
We did change her "my" to an "a". On the back they wrote the meaning of their metaphor.

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