Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Toast" to the New Year

Do you have a tradition that you do when you go back the 1st day in January? Something that I have done for the past 9 years is a "Toast" to the New Year. (I love this play on words)
I bring in toppings butter, jelly, sugar, cinnamon etc. and we make/eat toast. Each student makes a classroom goal and we write it on our toast template. The discussions are always TOTALLY fabulous and it makes me wish I was 8 again. It is something so simple yet so exciting and energizing for the students (food = classroom happiness) I am looking forward to going back Monday and continuing this tradition! Happy New, may we all survive Common Core and State Testing!!  P.S. First goal- post this year's toast and bulletin board pics when finished.
Last Year's Toast...I wonder what 2013 will bring?

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