Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year in Review

A Year In Review

 I am shutting down the old stand-by class website and going to start the (this) new blog ( I know, we are all a little shocked and sadden by this news) I thought I would start the "Totally Wirth It" with some of my favorite December moments. Thank you Facebook friends for the suggestions ;)

 So my teammates and I worked our tails off to do 2 weeks of Christmas Around the World. We made our own PowerPoint, including personal pictures from places we visited. We brought in food and artifacts from each place. Sadly, I didn't get a picture each day (next year I will know better!) My plan is to find a way to get better (AKA free and legal) clipart so we will be able to share these powerpoints in time for next year. (Any leads or pictures you want to share would be great) 

Here is a great scrapbook I found from Mrs.

Grinch Day

This year we celebrated Grinch Day. I asked my kiddos to bring green food (seriously I love to eat!). I was super, TOTALLY excited about all the academic connections we made and reviewed with this beloved Christmas classic. 

Green Food...Yes, I think so!
These kids are the BEST!

I am amazed how much 3rd graders still think the Grinch is "cool"

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